New Jersey Pain Patients Want To Be Included In MMJ Program

New Jersey's strict medical marijuana panel has been urged by residents suffering from pain, anxiety, Tourette's and drug addiction to be included in the program.  The demand for expansion of the states medical marijuana program would make a huge impact since its creation seven years ago.

Two dozen individuals suffering from such conditions summoned the Medicinal Marijuana Review Panel for their testimonies to be heard.  The slow progress of the state's amending of the 2010 law was highly criticized by many and overall, each patient requested that their condition be considered eligible for cannabis treatment.

The hearing was only the second for the eight-member panel that made the law which coincided with the Department of Health’s release of an annual report on the medical marijuana program that showed interest in a program that will continually grow.

While there are 11,000 patients who actively use the New Jersey MMJ program.  The five dispensaries in business have sold over 6,000 pounds of cannabis in since opening four years ago.  With the number looking phenomenal, it is still up to the state to help the many other patients who can benefit from cannabis treatment.  

Former Gov. Jon S. Corzine signed a law which included conditions such as terminal cancer, multiple sclerosis, and inflammatory bowel disease.  Last year, Gov. Chris Christie signed a law adding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to the list for those who have tried all other treatments possible.

The Medicinal Marijuana Panel will continue to accept comments until March 8, according to the Department Of Health.  A date will be set soon after to vote on the petitions submitted.  Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey, urged the panel to move quickly than in the past when addressing requests, especially since approving chronic pain was the subject of 40 of the 45 petitions in 2016.