New Jersey Senate Approves Pot For PTSD

The New Jersey state senate has approved a bill that will allow marijuana treatment for those suffering from PTSD. Now, bill's fate rests in the hands of Governor Chris Christie, a well known anti-cannabis advocate. 


Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo, D-Atlantic, has endorsed the bill and is known to have supported medical marijuana for veterans who have PTSD.  "The VA has stated that it wants each veteran to find the medication with the least amount of side effects that allows them the optimum level of independence," Mazzeo stated. "For many, medical marijuana is the drug that best fits that criteria, and the only one to provide veterans with significant relief from the anxiety associated with PTSD." 

While medical marijuana is currently legal in the state of New Jersey, the list of conditions approved for MMJ treatment is very restrictive to those who suffer from debilitating or life threatening conditions. It is uncertain whether the bill will become law since Gov. Christie has yet to have made any statements on the bill and has previously vetoed medical marijuana bills in the past.