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New Jersey Smokes At Statehouse

New Jersey herbalists kept their word and got high in front of the NJ Statehouse during a 'Spring Smokeout Rally'  this weekend.  Over 100 cannabis activists gathered on East State Street which gained more support from those driving or in passing.  The group of participants were led by a purple and green spray painted passenger van called the "Weed Mobile" that was led downtown by a Trenton police car.

"If a kid is busted for smoking a joint, he's affected for the rest of his life. That's no way to build a society, especially in a global age," said  activist Bart Falcone.  The crowd was heard chanting phrases like, "Treat cannabis like alcohol: End prohibition," "Marijuana death toll: 0," and a twist on President Barack Obama's famous campaign refrain, "Yes we cannabis!" to show the state of New Jersey that they are in support of legalizing a drug that is not deserving of its classification as a Schedule I narcotic.  Nicole Pederson, 20, of Barnegat Township stated, "I want it legal and I want it accepted.  It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's closer to alcohol or tobacco than the other Class 1 drugs it's grouped in with, and people who smoke it are calm. There's no danger involved."

The rally consisted of many different kinds of advocates.  Some participated in the group chants, others carried cardboard marijuana leaves or wore cannabis costumes.  There were even a few dozen people lighting up and getting high outside of the statehouse!  Looks like New Jersey is tired of the run around and is ready to live in a state that recognized marijuana as a legal drug.