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New Mexico Cities Want To Decriminalize

With two states and the District of Colombia headlining news in the cannabis community after legalizing marijuana, New Mexico seem to be jumping on the bandwagon.  Voters in Santa Fe and Albequerque have approved measures that will decriminalization an ounce of weed or less at the state level yesterday.

Director of Progress Now, Pat Davis, says the people's vote to decriminalize and lessen the punishments when it comes to marijuana is a big first step in the right direction.   "Usually what happens is we elect the legislators and they go write the laws, in this case the people are writing the laws and asking the legislators to put them in to practice. We have councilors in the city of Albuquerque who have promised that if voters said yes they would pass this ordinance, and legislators in the house and the senate who said if voters said yes they would sponsor this in the legislature.”

Spread the word throughout New Mexico to get other cannabis community members to help decriminalize marijuana.  Fingers crossed for next years election!