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NEW Omni Models 420 Friendly Modeling Agency

For those herbalist models looking to connect with 420 modeling industry, Omni Models is a new agency that is has a special affiliation with cannabis photographers, designers and artists of all sorts looking for models for promotions, photoshoots, events and more.  The Omni Model group is solely run by a "budding" model out of Las Vegas, Nevada who has found herself giving advice to others about the modeling industry.  She now has 10 models signed to her agency, not including herself.

@Turaina manages models that are 18 and over, currently only working with females but will expand to working with men in the future.  Omni Models work at events and trade shows, like the Terp Wars Mansion Party in Vegas, as well as book promotional photoshoots for marijuana businesses.  The group also does work with businesses that are not marijuana related, like Souls for Soles which is focused on promoting awareness for children without shoes.  @Turaina's goal is to help break the cliché ideal of 420 modeling while helping expand her models portfolios and getting paid for their work.

As the owner of her operation, @turaina meets and works with all of her models to ensure that their work ethic matches hers.  She serves as a guide to help make her clients jobs easier.  The sole requirement of Omni Models is to have no fear of attaching your name to 420 friendly brands.  To inquire about becoming an Omni Model, send a brief description of your modeling jobs and experience, as well as your age, height/weight, headshot, half body and full body shot to



@Turaina started Omni Models with the idea that models should not be hindered by the fact that their face is being used in the marijuana industry.  "Smoking or representing a company doesn't make you a 'stoner' or a 'lazy person' ... I want people in the industry to realize that people who love marijuana are hard workers too and I want to represent the industry with positive images," she told us.  Omni Models will be releasing a 420 calendar this year, sponsored by Littered Nation Jewelry, Mary Jane Smokewear, Stay Irie, Glow Tatts and City of Angels Clothing.  In the future, @turaina plans to have her own studio for events and photoshoots.

If you are interested in becoming an Omni Model, contact Uraina at