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New Rule For Mass Cops Regarding Pot

A ruling made by the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts determined that law enforcement can no longer pull people over just because they believe there might be weed in their vehicle.  Last week, majority of the state's Supreme Court ruled that the assumption that cannabis is in a vehicle does not aid toward the decriminalization of marijuana.

Justice Margot Botsford is for the decriminalization law which is intended to “refocus police efforts on pursuing more serious crime.” While the decision passed with a decision of 5-2, the Massachusetts State Police still had their opposing views.  “What does concern us about marijuana, even amounts less than an ounce is whether the operator has used it and is thus driving while impaired,” said David Procopio, a spokesperson for the MSP. “The voters decriminalized possession of less than an ounce. That does not mean that using less than an ounce means you are OK to drive.”

The court denies the fact that police should have the right to stop motorists to investigate marijuana violations in the same manner as they do other traffic infraction.  The Supreme Court of Massachusetts feels there is “no obvious and direct link” between ticketing people for possession of marijuana and keeping the roads safe.