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New York Hospitals Agree To Treat With MMJ

This week, the New York Times reported that several hospitals have announced their partnerships that will allow them to provide medical marijuana to patients with their MMJ cards.  As many New Yorkers have been demanding access to medical marijuana since the passing of the New York State medical marijuana bill, this news comes just in time.  These iconic partnerships will finally allow patients to access medical marijuana.

North Shore - Long Island Jewish Health System, “recognizes the importance of our patients having access to every legal option to manage the symptoms of their illness, if there is clinical evidence to support marijuana’s use for the condition,” said Michael Dowling, the hospital’s chief executive.  North Shore-L.I.J. has partnered with Silverpeak Apothecary, a medical marijuana company based in Colorado.  Together, they created Silverpeak NY, which will ensure their patients have access to medicinal cannabis.

Both The University of Rochester Medical Center and Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Health System told the New York Times they are negotiating with companies applying for a license with intentions of bringing medical marijuana to their facilities if they receive approval.  NY Times also stated that The Greater New York Hospital Association has also filed an application to be apart of the state’s medical marijuana program.