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New York Still Awaits Medical Marijuana

An ammended version of  the medical marijuana bill was passed in June however, epileptic patients will not receive treatment in CBD form for another six months.  Wendy Conte, mother of Anna who had a form of epilepsy that hit her with hundreds of seizures a day, was excited for the medical marijuana bill to be passed.  Unfortunately, she didn't know that the law would take at least six months to be put into affect.

Anna will not get to see how medical marijuana can treat her epilepsy because she passed away on July 17, 2014.  Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Julie Netherland, stated, "The Conte family was really at the heart of this campaign. … They were absolutely pivotal.  Their love for Anna really fueled what they did, and it was evident when they talked to people about this issue.”  So now that Anna is no longer with us, where is the drive and motivation to get medical marijuana to New York?

Wendy Conte still fights for epileptic patients, stating, "My fear is that, in 18 months, some of the children will not be around to reap the benefits of this legislation.  This is a travesty. Three children passed away this week in New York. How many more children need to die before something is expedited?”  Conte has considered moving to Colorado strictly for the medical marijuana.  It's ridiculous that Americans are forced to consider changing locations for the health of themselves or their family.  “They can figure out a way to get this done. If they truly want to help these children, they’ll find a way.”