New York Weed Farm On Fire

An illegal Bronx, NY pot farm was reported to be on fire on Saturday night. Police and FDNY arrived to find a building on Chatterton Avenue near Olmstead Avenue on fire around 11:30 last night. 


FDNY firefighters informed NYPD of the massive amount of cannabis inside the establishment. Police were seen wearing masks while removing multiple garbage bags filled with cannabis flowers from the building.

Alberto Martinez, 65, was among a few of those arrested. He wascharged with possession of more than ten pounds of marijuana. The building is a few steps from a daycare. 

Residents in the area were evacuated from their homes and seemed to be surprised by the discovery of a cannabis farm in their neighborhood. “Here?” said Juan Hernandez, 82. “I would always see two to three people in front of the building. I said ‘Hi,’ they said ‘Hi,’and I kept walking. I never smelled marijuana coming from the basement.”