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NJ Governor Chris Christie Criticizes MMJ Laws

Earlier this week, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey was quoted saying some pretty harsh things about marijuana and its effect on states that choose or have chosen to legalize.  In a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday at a state medical facility, Christie described the tax revenue from marijuana as "blood money."

Christie may be just as spiteful against marijuana as Nancy Grace, doing everything in his power to make sure that the least amount of patients possible are able to access their medicine.  At the ceremony, he stated, "I've had many taxpayers at town hall meetings who will ask me about why not legalize marijuana to make the taxes go a little higher?  To me, that's blood money."  He went on to say he would not put the lives of children in danger to add to the state's revenue.  Christie, like many ignorant others, argued that marijuana should not be treated the same as alcohol.  "Why not make heroin legal?  Why not make cocaine legal?  You know, their argument is a slippery slope," he added.

The New Jersey Assembly has since rebuked the governor.  On Thursday, lawmakers have voted to approve ACR224, which states that the Health Department has placed "arbitrary and unnecessary" restrictions on the program.  Democrats who control the Assembly have also approved two new marijuana bills.  One of the bills will recognize post traumatic stress disorder to the list of medical conditions that can be treated with cannabis.  The other will allow facilities to transfer medical marijuana in order to meet the growing demand.