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NJ MMJ Facebook Pages Deleted

New Jersey currently has five medical marijuana dispensaries in operation however, Facebook has removed three of those dispensaries pages from the social media website. Compassionate Sciences in Bellmawr, Garden State in Woodbridge and Breakwater Treatment and Wellness in Cranbury have been a victim of having their Facebook pages removed. 


The three dispensaries have been accused of violating Facebook's advertising policy, which prohibits drug promotion or attempted sales through the social media platform. Similar to the random deleting sprees on Instagram, the removal of these dispensary Facebook pages keeps patients from learning more about medical marijuana and the appropriate places to purchase it. Peter Rosenfeld, a board member of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana — New Jersey, told the Associated Press stated, "It’s doing a real disservice to the patients of New Jersey. They’re treating it like they’re selling marijuana illegally when it’s a fully sanctioned nonprofit that’s controlled and regulated by the state of New Jersey.”

Hundreds of cannabis related social media pages have been deleted from Facebook and Instagram over the past few years and it looks as if marijuana is still being attacked on the Internet.