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No Transport Colorado Laws Work!

Would you believe me if I told you that tourists that travel to Colorado have NOT been trying to smuggle marijuana back to their home states!?  I didn't believe it at first either but Denver authorities have not been forced to confiscate marijuana at the Denver International Airport.  Usually, TSA agents at the airport would call the police if they found a person with marijuana on them.  However, authorities have been notified either very little or not at all.  If found with marijuana, a person would be asked to dispose of it or leave it behind, which usually works.

Amnesty boxes have been stored in Colorado airports for passengers to dispose of their weed before reaching security.  Although carrying small quantities of marijuana is not against the law, if caught in the airport with marijuana you can be subject up to a $999 fine.  Denver city Councilman Christopher Herndon says, "It seems to be working."