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NY Attorney Fights For Stoned Drivers

Issues surround drivers driving under the influence of marijuana surfaced in a New York court room this week.  The case surround 17-year-old Joseph Beer aroused the idea that the teen's driving was affected by his marijuana consumption, resulting in the fatal accident that claimed the lives of four of his peers.

Beer's defense argued in court using testimony from an expert witness from Yale University.  Defense argued that Beer's irresponsible decision to drive at speeds of 100 mph on a winding road was the cause of the fatal accident.  Yale University research supported the testimony, stating that "chronic" marijuana smokers do not experience the same amount of cognitive function when under the influence as compared to occasional smokers.

Long Island Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependence representative Dr. Jeffery Reynolds stated, “In Colorado, which legalized marijuana a few months ago, we have already seen a tripling in fatal car crashes, where the driver tests positive for marijuana.  To say that you smoke marijuana frequently, therefore it doesn’t impact your ability to drive a vehicle is insanity.”  However, his statement seems to be inaccurate.  According to state trooper Nicholas Hazlett, stoned driving has not increased since the legalization of marijuana.