NY Making It Easier To Access MMJ

While New York has legalized medical marijuana, it is one of the most difficult states for patients to access their medicine.  Fortunately for those who have qualifying conditions for cannabis treatment, the Cuomo Administration will be adding several new policies to the state's medical marijuana program.

The state is considering the allowance of marijuana delivery services for those who are too ill to travel to retrieve their medication.  By the end of September, patients will be allowed to place delivery orders for their MMJ.  Also, the state will allow nurse practitioners to decide whether or not patients should be able to access medical marijuana.  

The best news of all, however, is the state's consideration to broaden the list of conditions that qualify patients for medical marijuana treatment.  Mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic illnesses like Alzheimer's disease are likely to be added to the small list of conditions.

Currently there are 17 dispensaries throughout the state of New York.  The number of marijuana businesses allowed to operate in the state may also be doubling soon.  

New York is taking good (but small) steps to expanding their medical marijuana program.