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NY Proposes MMJ Bill Of Rights

New Yorkers have been unfortunate enough to bear the injustice of the Compassionate Care Act that seems to be considered a "half-ass medical marijuana program."  A group of New Yorkers introduced their “medical marijuana users’ bill of rights,” as well as seeking the support of the city council in defending this system that many patients could benefit from.  

New York currently has a small list of critical conditions that are qualified for marijuana treatment.  The bill has been considered one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the nation.  Even those who suffer from one of the ten conditions approved for MMJ treatment, it is still extremely difficult to obtain medical marijuana.  Dana Beal, one of the authors of the bill, explained, “The law and the regulations don’t cover people who are [also] legitimate patients.  We believe that under home rule, we can extend better availability and better prices to more people." 

Currently, there a little to no doctors who in the state of New York that are willing to prescribe marijuana.  And to top it off, medical marijuana is also rejected by insurance networks in the state as well.  The goal is to get NYS in compliance.  The state needs a comprehensive citywide program allowing patients access to medical marijuana.  Even more so, the state needs affordable cannabis.

The group is proposing to make medical marijuana available for $1/gram.  While supporters say it may end up being more, they also would like to allow cannabis to be smoked instead of only ingested in pill form.  The group is attempting to gather support for the bill before sending it through legislation for approval.