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NY To Legalize Recreational Use?

The Republican-controlled Senate has been putting a halt to the legislation but Senator Liz Krueger is trying to change that.  Krueger will introduce a bill in attempts to legalize marijuana for recreational use in New York state.  

On Sunday, she stated that she hopes that recently passing medical marijuana laws will help give the bill momentum.  She has made amendments to her bill since last session, when it was unlikely to pass a Republican-controlled Senate in a state that hadn’t yet legalized medical marijuana.  After observing what was working and what wasn’t in the states where marijuana is legal, Krueger says, “I will push for taxation and regulation of marijuana.”

The New York Cannabis Alliance cofounder, Eva Nison, says that the chances of a legislation in which marijuana will be legalized are strongly dependent on the votes from this November's elections.  Although it may be difficult to get Governor Andrew Cuomo to pass the bill, being that he believes marijuana is a "gateway drug," he did sign legislation making New York the 23rd medical marijuana state this year. 

New Yorkers: Get out there and vote this November.  Pro cannabis!