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NYTimes Calls Marijuana Industry "Next Gold Rush"

Back in the days, you would never expect to see positive articles in the newspaper about marijuana.  On Sunday, a New York Times story talks about how "ganjapreneurs" are heading to the "Silicon Valley for Weed," a.k.a Denver, Colorado, looking to be apart of the growth of this billion dollar industry.  

The NY Times article states, "Marijuana is beckoning thousands of entrepreneurs and workers, investors and hucksters from across the country, each looking to cash in on a rapidly changing industry that offers hefty portions of both promise and peril."  The amount of licensed Coloradans has grown to 11,289 in the month of July and hundreds of others have found work just outside of the industry.  There are a wide range of cannabis related businesses, including mobile apps, law firms, real estate, travel agencies, edibles, lighting, soil nutrients and more.  

Marijuana is now legal in 23 states with legalization ballots heading to Oregon and Alaska.  New York seems to be realizing to promise of profit in the cannabis industry.