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Obama Ends U.S. Marijuana Raids

President Obama signed a bill on Tuesday night that will put an end to funding raids of legit marijuana businesses in states where cannabis has been legalized for medical or recreational purposes.  Southern California congressman, Dana Rohrabacher, proposed the idea to put an end to the estimated budget of nearly $80 million to fund anti-marijuana enforcement in states that have legalized cannabis.

Rohrabacher argues that veterans should not have to try to avoid federal authorities when picking up their medical marijuana.  Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, stated, "This is truly a long-fought victory for medical marijuana patients who have lived in fear of being caught in the crossfire of conflicting state and federal laws for nearly two decades. But this is also a victory for taxpayers because of the hundreds of millions of dollars saved on unnecessary and harmful enforcement."

The law, however, expires in September.  Rohrabacher's office claims that the provision, "will likely be considered again next year for inclusion in the fiscal year 2016 appropriations bill."