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Obama Gives Ole Miss $69M To Grow Weed

On Monday, the National Institutes of Health awarded a marijuana research lab at Ole Miss $68.8 million to grow marijuana for analyzation.  The project is expected to grow 30,000 plants to develop new methods for growing plants that contain a variety of different levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

The NIH’s National Institute on Drug Abuse demanded that a the chosen facility must meet certain standards to be trusted to grow the massive amount of plants.  It must be a “secure and video monitored outdoor facility of approximately 12 acres,” as well as be able to withstand the, “cultivation, growing, harvesting, analyzing, and storing of research grade cannabis.”  The lab at Ole Miss has been the sole producer of federally legal marijuana since 1968 and also meets the qualification that, "the indoor facility must be at least 1000 square feet, having controls for light intensity, photo cycles, temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide concentration.”

The contract was introduced online in August 2014.  An NIDA spokeswoman stated that the measure was introduced because the existing marijuana farm contract was set to expire in 2015.