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Oceanside, CA Bans MMJ Deliveries


During the last city council meeting in Oceanside, California, the community voiced their opinions about medical marijuana delivery services. Nearly 30 audience members protested against delivery services as opposed to the one citizen who vouched for it, leading to the city council moving forward with the ban of MMJ delivery services

The ban entails that, "any delivery driver providing medical cannabis, if ‘caught’ in Oceanside, will be subjected to arrest, as a drug dealer," as per a letter written by Dr. Paula Shore.  The letter also says that anyone caught delivering marijuana will be cited for distribution. Additional charges are left to the "officer’s discretion."

The new ban will affect medical marijuana patients who are terminally ill or bedridden, as they will no longer be able to receive their medication unless they bear the risk of getting it themselves or are lucky enough to to have help. 

Dr. Shore has written a formal letter to her MMJ patients and urges the community to call city council and voice their opinions. With more studies proving the medical benefits of cannabis, this new ban is an unnecessary restriction.