Officer Impaled During Marijuana Search & Seizure

An officer investigating a marijuana site known to have too many plants than legally allowed on the property was injured upon entering the establishment.  Stacy Marie Hahn, 33, had 87 plants on her property which actually lead to her facility being targeted for a robbery.

 Stacy Marie Hahn, 33

Stacy Marie Hahn, 33

Police responded to an automated alarm after two individuals attempted to break in the marijuana grow facility.  Officer Dustin Cook was on the property when he scaled a fence to reach a window.  On the other side of the window laid a piece of plywood with more than 100 three-inch, threaded decking screws pointing upward.  Upon stepping inside of the window, both of the officers feet were impaled.

“The two individuals we caught coming out of that building obviously knew what was in there,’’ Wyoming Police Chief James Carmody said in an earlier interview. “They went in to get (marijuana) and they were going to sell it on the street.’’

While the individual who place the plywood infant of the window was not arrested and charged, Hahn was arraigned earlier this week in Wyoming District Court for delivery/manufacture of marijuana, a four-year felony, and maintaining a drug house, which carries a two-year term.  Currently in the state of Michigan, licensed caregivers can not grow more than 72 plants.