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Ohio Denies Marijuana Initiative

The defeat for the marijuana initiative on Tuesday left Ohio with an uncertain future. However, the proposal which was defeated will be followed up be a more congenital initiative in 2016. 


The next initiative will not give exclusive growing rights to private investors. State Attorney General Mike DeWine also said in May he will be considering the plausibility for a medical marijuana program. 

Governor John Kasich, a Republican presidential candidate, applauded the denial of the marijuana program which would have been bad for families. Voters were concerned about "the marijuana monopoly" that would have been created had either of the initiatives. 

Jacob Wagner, Vice President of the group Cleveland-based Ohians to End Prohibition, said, "We're very confident that yesterday's bad results for ResponsibleOhio were not a referendum on legalization in Ohoo, but a rejection of the monopoly aspect. Poll after poll shows that Ohioans favor legalization."