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Ohio Introduces New MMJ Bill

Ohio has submitted a new bill for to to introduce the “Cannabis Control Amendment.”  The state hopes that the measure will control the November 2016 ballot and will be similar to Colorado's Amendment 64, which legalizes cannabis across the board and does not limit production amounts.  

The bill is facing competition, though.  The ResponsibleOhio group announced in December 2014 that will restrict the growth and production and make obtaining marijuana far more difficult.  However, the particulars of each of the bills are still unclear because both have yet to have been clarified.  

Both groups would need to collect over 305,591 signatures from Ohio citizens to qualify for the 2016 ballot.  With 87 percent of Ohio in favor of marijuana and 51 percent in favor of legalization, there is a high hope for the ballot being passed. (no pun intended)  The 2014 ballot fell short of nearly 200,000 signatures, so let's make sure we make an effort to Legalize Ohio in 2016!