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Couple Offers Open Budtending At Wedding

John Elledge and Whitney Alexander recently wed on a Christmas tree farm in Oregon.  Since the herbalist couple lives in a state where just last month on July 1, 2015, possession of up to 8 ounces of marijuana became legal, they decided to offer an open bud bar instead of alcohol.  The first time request for a budtender to service wedding guests turned out to be a major hit, so much that it may become a popular trend in the Northwest.

Lake Oswego Bridal Bliss assisted in the budtending services for John and Whitney.  “This was our first request for a weed bar,” pointed out owner Nora Sheils, “We made sure everyone was safe and provided transportation. The couple provided the product and hired the budtender for the tent.”  For the event, only one budtender was allowed to service and there was absolutely no alcohol being served.  

“We were shocked by how much people loved it,” said John about his wedding reception. “I’m still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent.”