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Oregon Dispensaries Donate Sales To Sanders Campaign

Two Oregon dispensaries and a grower have agreed to donate a percentage of their sales to Bernie Sanders presidential campaign.  Both owners and the grower have agreed to donate 5 percent of each of their sales, totaling at 10 percent to be given to Sanders, who supports removing marijuana from the Schedule I drug list. 


Foster Buds and Gilsen Buds have shared on Facebook that they will donate 5 percent from each sale of a premium cone from grower, Farmer 12. The grower will also donate 5 percent as well as a “Bern one for Bernie” T-shirt with the purchases of the premium cone until they both individually meet their donation limit. The hashtag, #BernOneForBernie, has become popular on social media to support Sanders' campaign. 

Foster Buds wrote on Instagram,  “The cannabis community has never been appropriately represented or considered on a federal stage. Cannabis enthusiasts, supporters, and medical patients come from every walk of life now, and we all deserve a President who will rally to reschedule cannabis and transform America’s Cannabis policies. We believe Bernie Sanders is the best and most likely candidate to appropriately represent the needs of our community.”

Cannabis has been legal for recreational use since July 2015.  The dispensaries sell recreational marijuana to anyone 21 and older, in accordance with state law. Customers are limited to purchases of 7 grams per day.