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Oregon Makes Most Money From Recreational Sales

It may come as a shock but since marijuana became recreationally legal in the state of Oregon, the state has made more money than both Colorado and Washington combined during their first week of sales.  Oregon raked in $3.5 million on the first day of recreational cannabis sales, totaling in $11 million in the first week.

Oregon's population is nearly 3.97 million people, which is less than the 5.36 million in Colorado and 7.06 million in Washington.  In Colorado's first week, the state made $5 million which was and still is considered remarkable.  For Washington, on the other, the state took 30 days to reach $2 million.

Until January 1, 2016, Oregonians purchasing their recreational cannabis tax free.  Then, a 25% tax will be added to each state sanctioned purchase in which 40% will help support public schools, and 25% will fund public health services.