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PA Cops Try To Bust Growers On Twitter

Northern York County Regional Police announced earlier last week that they discovered marijuana plants growing in a local area.  After hearing such a statement, you might assume that cops would raid the place and destroy the crops.  Instead of doing the expected, they took the plants back to the station and strategically stuffed them in squad car trunks for a photo session.

The pictures were then uploaded to the departments Twitter account, stating, "These marijuana plants were harvested near Colonial Rd. If they are yours and you can prove ownership, please call.”  Who would be so stupid to respond to that, right?

Thankfully, no one responded, leading cops to tweet again regarding the found cannabis plants.    “If they are yours please call to claim them.”  This tactic isn't unfamiliar for police officers.  In May, Burnley Police officers teased herbalists on twitter, too, saying they found marijuana and are allowing the owner to come to the station to claim it.  When their initial tweet didn't bring in any takers, they tweeted, "#specialoffer free overnight accommodation, in walking distance of local shops & each room has a nice selection of bars! #anytakers #free”

Moral of the story: trust your gut.  Buying or engaging with marijuana consumption via the internet is not safe, especially if you're dealing with people you don't know.  You should always see what you're purchasing before you buy it.  And keep in mind that marijuana is not 100% legal in the United States.  Just because a police officer is bribing you with ganja doesn't mean it's legal.