PA Posts MMJ Application Online

Pennsylvanians are now able to apply online for the state's medical marijuana program.  The Pennsylvania State Health Department has posted the Safe Harbor Letter application on their website.

The medical marijuana program is for children suffering from seizures and other debilitating illnesses.  Medical marijuana has proven to help children with such conditions in states like Colorado and Washington and will soon be available to help Pennsylvania children as well.  The application requires all applicants submit a photo ID, approval from a state-licensed physician and undergo a background check.  

According to state health secretary, Dr. Karen Murphy, it could take up to two years to write the regulations for the availability of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.  Just this past April, Gov. Tom Wolf signed the legislation making the state the 24th to legalize a comprehensive medical marijuana program.  However, by the end of 2016, the state should have a temporary regulation that will allow growers and processors to produce medicine.

It is mandatory that the department of health create regulations to track plants, certify physicians and provide licenses to growers, dispensaries and physicians.  Transportation, growth, possession, processing, testing and the sale of medical marijuana must also be monitored by the department as well.  A database will be created and maintained to keep track of all patients and identification cards will be distributed to those legally permitted to use cannabis.  And of course, background checks will be conducted on those who wish to own or be involved in the process of creating or distributing marijuana.