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Pennsylvania Doctors Ready To Legalize!

Recently, polls from state universities have revealed that the public opinion is in favor of legalizing marijuana.  A study on March 3, 2014 at Quinnipiac University showed that 85% of Pennsylvanians support medical marijuana.  A minimum of 78% percent of each age, gender and political groups were in favor of legalization.

Senator Mike Folmer stated, “While the Pennsylvania Medical Society would like to wait for federal approval, there are Pennsylvania patients suffering and leaving Pennsylvania to seek medical treatment.  …  Senate Bill 1182 will provide safe access to patients in a medical environment.”  The states governor, who is firmly against medical marijuana unless it is prescribed to a small number of children with a severe seizure disorder, is likely to be replaced by his Democratic challenger after this year’s election.

Doctors seem to be gearing up for legalization with it being known that patients would trust their doctors consent to prescribe marijuana.  Cannabis relieves suffering and treating certain diseases and physicians are willing to help their patients who are qualified for medical marijuana.  Patients with a valid ‘medical cannabis identification card’ are expected to be able to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis flowers or up to three ounces of concentrates.