Pennsylvania Rejects Marijuana Group Adopt A Highway Application

Medical marijuana is legal in Pennsylvania, but that doesn't mean that it is accepted amongst the residents of the state however, the state Department of Transportation is refusing to allow Pennsylvania Cannabis Festival to adopt a highway in Susquehanna County.

The group intended on cleaning up roadsides along with hosting their festival.  "We're trying to break the public's stigma and the bad propaganda with truth and reality," said Jeff Zick, who organized the festival last month with permission from the city.  PennDOT's reasoning for denying the adopt a highway request is that cannabis is an illegal psychotropic drug, the group was told it is not a business that it supported non-medicinal cannabis use.  "I think they're just making up the rules as they go," Zick continued.

James May, a PennDOT spokesman, responded by saying, "Although there are exceptions for religious or medical purposes, cannabis is still an illegal substance.  Our district executive felt it would not be appropriate to allow the promotion of an illegal substance on a commonwealth-owned sign."

May said 228 applications were received and entered into the program last year with approval. The most common reasons an application is rejected is incorrect or missing contact information, he said, or an application for a section of roadway that has already been adopted. "In the latter case," he said, "the group may select an alternate roadway, which if available and safe allows the group to join the program.  We are not aware of any group previously being rejected because of a name." PennDOT hasn't received any other Adopt a Highway applications from other marijuana-related organizations.