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Philly Pediatrician Busted For Growing

A 65 year old pediatrician from Bucks County, Pennsylvania is in police custody after firefighters discovered "an elaborate marijuana growing operation" in his backyard.  Philadelphia firefighters responded to a a call in the garage of Dr. Jan Widerman's residence on February 13 where they discovered more than just a car parked in his driveway had caught fire.

When firefighters enter the residence to evacuate any residents or animals inside, they also noticed various marijuana plants on the premises.  Charles Pinkerton from the fire department stated, "One of the firefighters, while doing a room to room search found two rooms that had been converted for the purpose of growing marijuana."  The discovery led to the approval of a search warrant by the Bucks County District Attorney's Office, which led to the further discovery of marijuana plants "in various stages of development" a well as electric glowing lamps, fertilizers and an exhaust system.  Another room contained a bulk amount of cannabis as well as packaging, scales and other drug paraphernalia.  Officials also seized $13,000 in cash from Widerman's property.

Widerman was arraigned last Monday before posting a $100,000 unsecured bail.  His wife was also arrested.  The pediatrician is loved by his patients according to his attorney and has never had a blemish on his record.  However, despite his good reputation, many are still questioning the fact that a pediatrician was grow a substantial amount of cannabis in his backyard and where his cannabis has reached.

A preliminary hearing for Widerman's case is scheduled for March 10.