Pizza Shop In PA Creates Cannabis Infused Sauce

Pennsylvania pizza shop, Unique Pizza and Subs, is living up to its name.  The company has paired up with cannabis chefs to create their own cannabis infused sauce.  The pizza is sold to states where medical marijuana is legal like Colorado and Washington.

In addition to sauce, the company would like to distribute frozen cannabis infused pizzas to states where recreational marijuana is legal, like New Jersey, Massachusetts, Nevada and California.  Hopefully, marijuana will be legalized in Pennsylvania soon so that the pizza's can be sold in their home state.

Unique Pizza and Subs won't be the first restaurant to chef up cannabis infused meals.  In Vancouver, Mega iLL restaurant serves pot pizza to medical marijuana patients.  Hapa Sushi in Colorado also specializes in pairing marijuana with their dishes.  The craze for edibles increases across country with chef's creating different concoctions that include cannabis.