Police Intercept Massive Marijuana Delivery


“Smugglers go to great lengths to get their illicit products into the U.S.,” said Alberto D. Perez, the Port Director of Del Rio Port of Entry. “The training, experience and dedication of our frontline CBP officers has prevented yet another load of contraband from reaching our communities.”

The officers at the Del Rio Port of Entry confiscated over 1,300 pounds of marijuana from a commercial trailer coming from Mexico through Texas with its final destination in St. Louis, Missouri.  Drug-sniffing canines and non-intrusive imaging equipment uncovered the smuggled goods that were embedded in a shipment of silica sand.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection are not unfamiliar with large amounts of drugs being smuggled into the country.  Incidents of marijuana seizures are reported frequently.  Most say to avoid these incidents, the country should legalize as a whole to eliminate the black market.  Canada, which will be legalizing cannabis 100% in July 2018, is willing to mark down their product to as low as $8/gram to compete with the everlasting black market.  While black market sales are expected to disappear, they will certainly diminish.