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BHO Explosion In Portland

Lucky for the 10 individuals who escaped a Parkrose, Oregon home on Monday.  Portland firefighters responded to multiple explosions at a home cause by a butane hash oil production.  Ten people, including an infant, escaped the home with no injuries on Monday.

Lt. Rich Tyler said someone was in the home at the time of the explosion but happened to escape before authorities arrived.  It has been determined that the explosions were caused by butane being used to make the popular form of cannabis, hash oil. 

Since Oregon has legalized marijuana in 2014, federal authorities have arrested and prosecuted handfuls of people for crimes associated with making BHO.  The state legislature has reduced many marijuana related crimes however, last week Gov. Kate Brown signed a bill that would consider any unlicensed production of marijuana extracts as a felony.

BHO is readily available at dispensaries in Oregon to those of the age of 21 or older who possess a medical marijuana card.