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Portland Space Monkey Smoking Weed

Southeast Portland has a new mural that is stirring up controversy around town. The Space Monkey Smoking Weed mural painted on the exterior wall of a building on the corner of SE 136th and Powell. Some have complained to city officials that the mural is a bad influence on children who see it. Don Van Wormer, owner of the building on which the mural is painted as well as Alternative Solutions Dispensary, feels otherwise. 


Van Wormer paid over $1,000 to have artist, Pablo Gonzalez, paint the monkey in a spacesuit using a “dab gun."  He feels as if the mural has been a positive influence on the neighborhood (we're not sure how) and has stopped “notorious” tagging on his building. "It was for the neighborhood, to clean it up, give it some color, some fresh air," said Van Wormer. 

Get medicated and admire the artwork on Van Wormer's building if you're in the Portland area.