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Possession & Cultivation Legal In Oregon July 1st

Beginning July 1st, Oregon will allow those 21 and over to possess one ounce of cannabis outside of their home. Adults may also carry up to one eight of marijuana at home and grow up to four plants, as long as they are out of public view.  Oregon is now the fourth state to begin implementing marijuana legalization laws. 


Though retail sales are not yet legal on the state, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), who will be in control of all marijuana regulations, will begin accepting applications next year. This process resembles the roll out of both Washigton and Colordao, where it took at least a year to open retail stores after marijuana became legal.  Oregon is expected to open retail stores in 2016. 

Oregon is looking forward to seeing a dramatic decrease in arrests like Colorado and Washington did.  "The dramatic reduction in arrests in Washington and Colorado and associated savings for police and prosecutors will now be a reality for Oregon," said Tamar Todd, Director of Marijuana Law and Policy at the Drug Policy Alliance. 

Voters in states such as California, Massachusetts, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Maine are expected to vote on marijuna legalization in 2015 and 2016.