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Pot Souvenirs To Be Banned At Denver Airport

The Denver International Airport is enforcing a new rule that would make it "unlawful to sell, display, or advertise any product bearing the image, likeness, description, or name of marijuana or marijuana-themed paraphernalia; and advertise a marijuana-related business or establishment."  Now, store owners in the airport are speaking out about the effects of the law on their businesses.

Six weeks after Ann Jordan, owner of High-ly Legal Colorado, complained about the airport prohibiting her from selling flip flops with marijuana leaves imprinted in them, the DIA started the process of making the rule official.  At the time, the airport admitted to Jordan that they did not have a formal policy on marijuana related souvenirs however they were looking into creating one. 

On November 21st, the DIA held a public forum allowing the public to give their feedback.  Jordan was one of the three people to speak about the banning of cannabis related products.  She said, "My three main points were about discrimination relating to beer but not marijuana, DIA's lack of education of tourists regarding marijuana legalization, and that pictures of marijuana on print media or on clothing or on souvenirs should be allowed."

Heath Montgomery, spokesman for the Denver International Airport, said it could take a couple of weeks for the airport chief executive, Kim Day, to make a final decision on the matter.