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Presidential Candidate Fiorina's Views On Marijuana

Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina the Des Moines Register's editorial board that she would respect the rights of legalized states and not enforce federal interference when it comes to marijuana.  On Thursday, Fiorina, who formerly served as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, stated, "I would not, as president of the United States, enforce federal law in Colorado, where Colorado voters have said they want to legalize marijuana."

Her statement, however, opposes her views on legalization. "I do not think they should legalize marijuana," she said. "If you look at a place like Colorado, we've sent the message that pot is just no big deal. And it's just not true."  She also said she is unsure of medical cannabis as well, admitting to refusing to use it even when she herself was diagnosed with cancer.  

Strangely, Fiorina opposes marijuana but is for decriminalization of ALL drugs.  "I don't think it helps this nation to criminalize drug abuse.  It is not helpful -- to the system, the community, or to a drug abuse victim -- it's not helpful to treat them as hardened criminals and throw them into jail."