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Prices Drop Drastically in Washington

Residents of Washington state and the tourists who have visited since last July when the first legal marijuana sale was made have been accustomed to paying $100 for an 1/8th of weed.  Now, nine months later it is coming to be that Washington growers have a surplus of cannabis which has led to the drastic decrease in prices.  Last year, you couldn't find a gram for less than $30.  Nowadays, a gram is commonly sold for around $12.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board released a study that does not account for the quality of the cannabis or take bulk pricing into consideration, the study reveals that cannabis prices have been dropping during the past year.  Brian Smith, a spokeperson for the Liquor Control Board said, “We thought if we could get it to 12 dollars a gram, we would be competitive, and we got there in a matter of months.”