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Prison Guard Smuggles Weed In Sandwiches

Smuggling marijuana into prisons is not unfamiliar, but a risky mission for those who take part.  Criminals and officers have concocted many ways to sneak cannabis inside prison walls.  Officer Jason Marek, 29, of the Cook County Jail snuck marijuana into the prison inside of hollowed out sandwiches.  

The prison guard was caught early last year trying to smuggle sandwiches made of gyro meat, roast beef, and a couple ounces of another special ingredient.  Officers discovered that Marek was bribed with money to take part in an operation that will sell weed to inmates for five times higher than the price on the black market.  Several prisoners and their girlfriends approached Officer Marek asking him to be a drug mule, smuggling weed, booze and cigarettes into the facility in exchange for $200.

Marek, along with six other officers, came up with the plan to move the drugs into and throughout the facility.  It has been revealed that the marijuana was brought into a prison inside of a hollowed-out roll of a Jim Shoe submarine sandwich - a classic Chicago sub made of corned beef, roast beef and gyro meat.  Marek intended to sell the marijuana to three inmates but was stopped by the FBI and the Sheriff's Department's Office of Professional Responsibility as he entered the jail. 

One year later, federal authorities issued a warrant for Marek's arrest on Tuesday, October 21st.  If convicted, Marek faces a number of charges that could land him in federal prison for up to five years and a $250,000 fine.