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Prosecuting Attorney Loses Case Over MMJ Opinion

In the cases against Paul Heminger, who was convicted of growing nearly two dozen pot plants in Alger County, the court granted a new trial to Heminger as a result of a 3-0 decision.  While Alger County prosecutor, Karen Bahrman, made her closing argument, she criticized the state of Michigan's medical marijuana laws and attacked the highly credible Alger Hemp Coalition, saying they, "vision for the country where everybody can walk around stoned."

Bahrman told the jury, "They do nothing to support the government services they want, and have nothing but criticism for the government services they don't want.  We're trespassers and tramplers of their rights right up until they need us to protect them from the violence that they attract to the community."  The court considered her statements, "unfounded, irrelevant and inflammatory," and intend on giving Paul Heminger a fair trial.  Heminger had a medical marijuana card, but according to the court, there was evidence that he was growing an excessive amount, possibly to sell or use.

Bahrman was shocked at the decision and wishes that the Michigan Supreme Court would look at the case again.  She says, "It's the first time I've been reversed in 30 years." 


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