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Race To Legalize: Jersey vs. NY

It seems as if New Jersey is winning the race against New York to legalize recreational cannabis. State Senator Nicholas Scutari introduced a bill to end prohibition against marijuana in the state of New Jersey and is currently coordinating hearings about legalization with both supporters and opposers. 


Evan Nison, founder of the New York Cannabis Alliance, “both houses [in New Jersey] are Democratic and the leadership is supportive here." Major opposition is still apparent from Governor Chris Christie however, Nilson points out the state spent nearly $130 million in drug enforcement as opposed to Colorado's expected $125 million in revenue this year. He claims there is a race to legalize before New York, saying, “If all of Manhattan has to go to Bergen County to buy cannabis legally, that’s awesome. It’s a race for revenue. I think that will definitely motivate other states to legalize.”