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Raid At Denver Private Cannabis Club

Police raided Maryjane's Social Club in Denver, Colorado on Friday night, cuffing patrons and escorting them outside of the BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) club.  Five undercover officers entered the club while patrons legally sparked up around 9:30-10:00 that night.  One regular customer, Andrew Overall, was ticketed and had his hash oil rig confiscated.  

It is possible that the undercover officers were mistaken for club members.  Witnesses to the raid said they noticed "older gentlemen" scoping out the club before the raid, and others that were handcuffed were claimed to be "out of towner's" and could have been undercover officers.    Andrew Overall stated an officer said, "No one is going to jail tonight: we just want to send a message to the club that what they are doing here is illegal."  Maryjane's Social Club was fined for not having a proper “Amusement License” on the premises.

Luckily for it's patrons, Maryjane's has offered to pay the civil citation fines.  The controversy over cannabis is still alive!