Recall On Denver Edibles

On July 17, 2014, the Department of Environmental Health recalled a popular brand of Denver-based marijuana-infused edibles claiming, “possible contamination from unsanitary equipment” and “use of equipment not intended for food manufacturing,” according to the department’s Public Health Inspections Division.

At Home Baked, which operates under the same state marijuana license as the Advanced Medical Alternatives dispensary, had their products recalled.  A.J Anksar, co-owner of At Home Baked, is known in the marijuana industry as A.J Hashman.  He is frustrated with the situation, stating, "They came in and the machine which we were utilizing to make water hash was not a food-safe machine."  Hashman had been using a modified washing machine to activate his water hash, which is a common practice in the industry.  "Food-safe machines to make water hash do not exist. They deemed the water hash that we were making unfit for human consumption even though nobody has gotten sick from our hash.”

Hashman and his business partner both have backgrounds in culinary and food service.  "we look at water hash as a concentrate — not a food.  But they say as soon as you start working with it with a food as the intent or end result, it is a food.”  The products that were recalled include its infused brownie mixes, blondie mixes, rice krispy treats and Stixx candy.  The Department of Environmental Health stated, "Any of the above At Home Baked products should be removed from retail shelves and destroyed immediately pursuant to State medical and retail marijuana regulations.”

At Home Baked enforced the recall by posting on their Facebook page that their products must be removed from the shelves and placed in the back room to be returned and replaced.  Hashman will replace all At Home Baked products in question or refund purchases.