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RI Governor To Tax Home Grown Marijuana Plants

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo wants to tax medical marijuana patients $350 for growing their own plants at home. The cultivation tax would create $8.4 million in tax revenue for home for mandating marijuana plant tags. 

The tax is proposed to be enacting in 2017. Medical marijuana home growers would receive a plant tag from the state to identify their cannabis plants as legal. The tags will play a significant role in preventing medical marijuana abuse according to officials. 


The Providence Journal claims,  “The goal of the reforms is to ensure that medical marijuana patients maintain access to treatment while minimizing access among those who illegally use and sell marijuana." Director of states policies for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), Karen O’Keefe, stated,  “I believe this proposal is unique and that no other state levies expensive per plant fees on cannabis grown by patients."

The Raimondo administration affirms that the tax is small compared to the $17,000 medical cannabis plants produce per year. However, states that $1.2 million of the tax revenue produced by placing a cultivation tax on medical cannabis plants will be used to develop and set up the software system for tagging and tracking homegrown pot plants.