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Drug War Causes Roadside Sex Assault By Police

A minor traffic stop in Houston, Texas back in June led to the sexual assault by police against Charnesia Corley.  After running a stop sign, the 21 year old was pulled over by a Harris Country Sherriff’s deputy who claimed to have smelt marijuana in her car.  During a time where police are under a microscope of speculation due to the many cases of police brutality popping up all over the country, you would like to think that officers would be more hesitant on make a bigger problem out of something minuscule.  Unfortunately, we are still being shocked with not only police brutality news updates, but outrageous drug war incidents have recently been leading to even more shocking stories in the media.

After a Harris Country Sherriff’s deputy searched Corley's vehicle for over an hour, there was no evidence of marijuana however, that still did not sit well with the officer.  It was then that a female officer was requested to search Corley.  She was asked to pull her pants down when Charnesia claimed to not be able to because she wasn't wearing any panties.  At this point, she was then handcuffed and told to bend down.  The female officer then attempted to search inside of her vagina when Corley resisted, saying “Ma’am, no. You cannot do this.”

Corley told KRTK the officer then threw her on the ground, restraining her as another officer arrived.  Two officers held her legs as another conducted a full cavity search leading to her arrest for possession of marijuana and resisting.  The location of where the marijuana was found is still unknown.

This incident is yet another to add to the list of African Americans who have been victim to police brutality.  In this case, the stereotype of marijuana is a perfect example of the "War on Drugs" taking their authority to the extreme.  As marijuana becomes legal across the U.S., it's not only infuriating but also, we lose our sense of protection in our police force.  In the state of Texas, possession of two ounces or less is considered a misdemeanor offense, with punishments of fine of $2,000 and 180 days in jail.  Four our more ounces is considered a felony.

Charnesia could not hold two ounces in her pocket, so the likelihood of Corley stashing a hefty amount inside of her is slim to none.  It is unfortunate that African Americans have been subject to such harsh treatment by the police with the excuse that marijuana use or possession is involved.  Especially now, it is highly recommended (no pun intended) that you refrain from traveling with cannabis in your possession to avoid any possible confrontation by police.