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Saudi Arabia Beheads 4 Men For Marijuana Trafficking

After being convicted of smuggling marijuana into the country, four men have been beheaded by sword in Saudi Arabia.  Two sets of brothers - Hadi and Awad al-Motleq, and Mufarraj and Ali al-Yami were beheaded in the southwestern city of Najran on Monday.  

The United States has been battling outrageous drug laws for some time now but none seem as strong as Saudi Arabia.  Last year, there were 78 executions in Saudi Arabia and these four executions raise the number of beheadings to 32.  Drug trafficking is among other crimes that are punishable by death in the country; including rape, murder, and armed robbery.

Rights watchdog Amnesty International denounced the beheadings, calling them a "disturbing surge" in Saudi Arabia.  The group said that the executions of the two sets of brothers came, "reportedly on the basis of forced confessions extracted through torture." The Amnesty's Said Boumedouha stated, "The recent increase in executions in Saudi Arabia is a deeply disturbing deterioration. The authorities must act immediately to halt this cruel practice."