South Dakota Reservation Destroying Cannabis Crops

The Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe, an American Indian tribe with plans to open the nation's first marijuana resort on New Years Eve, is temporarily suspending their project and destroying all cannabis crops. Until further explanation from the federal government, Seth Pearman, the tribe's lawyer, says tribal leaders are confident that after receiving clarification on regulations from the Justice Department that their efforts will be more successful. 


"The tribe will continue to consult with the federal and state government and hopes to be granted parity with states that have legalized marijuana," Pearman said.  The decision is, "in the best interest of both tribal and non-tribal members."  Attorney General Marty Jackley acknowledged that he does not always agree with the tribal officials however, he has had good conversations with them and promises to help them move forward. 

The tribe says the project is expected to generate $2 million a month in profit. The executive committee voted this past June to legalize the sale and use of marijuana on its reservation in Moody County.