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Seattle Dispensary Robbed!

Natural Green Medicine shop in Seattle, Washington was the victim of a burglary in which the thieves stole $40,000 worth of medical marijuana.  The clever criminals smashed through the top of the store's 10 foot tall window, bypassing the security system.  They then broke through a wall to get around an old jail cell door.

The criminals damaged the inside of the dispensary, taking and breaking glass jars on the shelves.  The burglars tossed the jars through the hole they broke through the window, leaving some broken jars on the ground outside of the store.  The owner of the medical marijuana dispensary told KIROTV that they also broke the cash register with a hammer and exited the dispensary by stacking furniture in order for them to climb through the window.  "Not a good way to start the new year for a small business," said the dispensary owner.

Authorities were able to retrieve finger prints from the furniture that was touched by the criminals but are still looking.  Anyone with information on this incident is urged to call the police with information.