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Seattle Proposes Legal Cannabis Lounges

Seattle city attorney, Pete Holmes, proposed the idea for legal marijuana lounges in attempts to align city and state marijuana laws.  Holmes claims I-502 legalizes marijuana but significantly limits where people can legally smoke it.  

Public use is prohibited in Seattle however those who are legally allowed to smoke marijuana are allowed to consume cannabis in their home.  Other people, such as out-of-town visitors, the homeless, and renters and condominium owners whose buildings do not permit marijuana use, do not have as many choices of where to smoke.  The confusion of the state laws cause Holmes to believe that, "you can enforce that law much better if you, at the same time, provide an outlet for that demand."  

According to Holmes' proposal, lounges should allow patients to consume marijuana but prohibit alcohol.  Customers must bring their own marijuana and are only allowed to smoked through vaporizers.  Amber McGowan, manager of a recreational marijuana store called Cannabis City, said, "It would be wonderful to have that ability to realistically have an adjacent business that people can walk out our doors and into a lounge and be able to consume it safely."

Tourists and locals that visit the Pike Place Market have stated that they do not like the smell of marijuana on the streets and like the thought of cannabis lounges in the city.  The idea would keep marijuana indoors, away from children and only exposed to those who choose to participate as long as they are legal patients.

Sally Clark of the City Council has yet to have had the chance to discuss the details of Holmes' memo.  However, she is open to the concept.